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Yoga Mat Guide

If there is one thing you need to buy if you want to develop and nurture your yoga practice – it’s your own mat. Beyond the obvious hygiene factors, having your own mat rolled up in the corner of your room will prompt and encourage you to go to class and importantly entice you to practice more often at home. With your own mat ready to go, you can fit in yoga wherever, whenever….a few sneaky sun salutations before everyone wakes up, a comfortable half-lotus while watching television, legs-up-the-wall pose when you’ve been on your feet all day and come home feeling tired and frazzled.

There is no right or wrong mat for a certain type of yoga. Also, mat preference is very personal. Some people like a thinner mat to feel more grounded, some prefer a softer feel beneath them. Only with time, experience, as well as trial and error, will you discover your perfect mat match. Hopefully, this guide and the chart below will help you with your choice and give you some direction on how to choose the mat that is right for you and your practice.

There are three main factors to consider when buying a new yoga mat - thickness, stickiness and style.


The depth of your yoga mat determines which type of yoga it is most suitable for.

Thin Mats 1.5mm - 3.5mm

The thinnest mats are great for travelling and busy yogis on the run who need their mat to be light enough to carry around all day. Portable and easy to stash in your bag or case, they can usually be rolled or folded. They are also handy for lying over your regular mat for extra cushioning or on top of a studio mat as a hygienic top layer.

Standard Mats 4.0mm - 4.5mm

Most of our mats fall into this category. They are thick enough to cushion your joints in seated poses yet thin enough for you to feel grounded and balanced in standing poses. They are ideal for Ashtanga, hot yoga and dynamic flow yoga and as well as slower forms such as Hatha and Iyengar, although, you might want to double your standard mat over in some kneeling or seated poses if you are going to be holding the pose for a long time.

Superior Cushioned Mats 5.0mm – 6.0mm

For those who prefer a softer mat and want more cushioning for their joints, we have developed our luxury mats and eco-friendly TPE reversible mats. Great for restorative yoga, Pilates floor work, pre-natal, post-natal and mummy and baby yoga.


The stickiness of a yoga mat determines how ‘tacky’ it is and whether you can get a good, firm grip during your practice. All of our mats offer excellent grip but they deliver this in different ways. Our eco-friendly 6P free mats, for example, have a light tack making them a little “sticky” while our TPE reversible mats have a textured surface pattern, which helps you grip in a different way. It is very much a case of personal preference.


Your mat says something about your style and your values

  • Inspirational - choose one of our beautiful printed mats to reflect your love of yoga, such as our those in our eco printed range.
  • Co-ordinated: select a mat in your favourite colour or to match your yoga wear.
  • Eco-friendly: choose a mat that reflects your concern for the environment; take a look at our 6P Free, TPE and natural rubber choices.

This guide is intended to make selecting the right mat a little simpler but at the end of the day, finding your perfect mat will be down to your personal preference and practice. If you still need a bit of help?
Just email our friendly team who will be delighted to offer further guidance - contact us at relax@calmia.com