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Our Philosophy & Vision

Our vision is to help you lead a more holistic lifestyle by recovering a sense of balance, inner peace and total wellbeing.

The pace of modern life can be unforgiving. In our 24-hour, non-stop world, sometimes it’s hard to take time out and truly relax. What if it was possible to create moments of everyday tranquility in our busy lives? Moments where body and mind are in perfect harmony? Time to enjoy the luxury of simply being, rather than doing?

Calmia helps you create these moments of everyday tranquility. Calmia was inspired by relaxation and healing philosophies from the East. Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and herbal remedies all help restore balance and wellbeing to our lives. They nurture and rebalance our bodies, and our minds. Calmia uses the power of Eastern wisdom to help you feel more at peace with yourself and your world. Calmia helps you balance and restore your mind, body and soul through living a holistic lifestyle and performing simple rituals using our amazing products.

Inhale, exhale….inhale, exhale…. inhale, exhale…. Just three slow breaths in and out and there you go, you are already on the road to improving your health and happiness.
Take your journey to wellbeing one breath at a time….

We believe…

Inner peace = outer radiance
Practice yoga, make time to meditate, switch coffee for a green tea, laze in an essential oil bath once a week, enjoy watching the flame of scented candle – when you make time for yourself, to exercise and eat right, you start feeling balanced and serene on the inside and guess what it shows on the outside! Beautiful you, inside and out.

Inspiring advice + amazing products = healthier you
We can’t do your yoga or drink that green juice for you, only you can improve your wellbeing but we can support your journey with the great advice from Lucy on her blog, tips on our website and by developing brilliant, effective and therapeutic products you will love using again and again.

Looking good = Feeling confident
We only design feminine, flattering yoga and active wear that is practical, comfortable and multi-purpose. We know you are busy and don’t have time to change three times a day. Our pieces are perfect for working out but can also be stylishly mixed and matched for the school run or office. You can rest assured, that not only do our clothes look good, but they perform as well and give you the confidence you need to workout with peace of mind. We give everything the appropriate tests – for example, our tanks are long enough not to ride up and expose love handles, our underarms are low enough not to chaff when you train, our legging fabrics are dense, stretchy and opaque, our run tights have handy pockets for your keys.

What is our philosophy?

Our philosophy at Calmia is to combine Eastern wisdom and traditions with Western science and technology to create products that are at once truly modern and subtly spiritual.

We pioneered the concept of fusion products because we believed our busy Western lifestyles could and should be more peaceful and balanced. We believed our vision for holistic living should offer the best of both cultures: products that reintroduce the Eastern tradition of ritual, relaxation and inner beauty into our daily lives combined with Western designs and formulations that are at the forefront of technology.

Our Eastern inspiration is evident in the Lotus, which is our symbol. A sacred flower and a living symbol of peace and purity that creates images of tropical escape and relaxation in our imaginations. This idea of peace, purity and escape is applied to everything we do: peace inspires our yoga, meditation and home fragrance rituals; purity: our quest to develop natural products using sustainable materials and ingredients; escape our therapeutic and deeply relaxing products.

Holistic in origin, beautiful in design, natural in substance our products inspire you to take control of your own wellbeing and rediscover what it’s like to feel relaxed, stress free and simply yourself once again. At Calmia, we understand that modern life presents many challenges to living in a holistic way – it is our vision to create a company that will help you to find the peace, harmony and balance that you seek.