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What To Wear To Your First Yoga Class

Okay, so it’s not rocket science to figure out what to wear to your first yoga class and undoubtedly you have a stash of great leggings and colourful tanks to choose from but a few in-the-know tips can really make all the difference to your confidence and practice.

What works for the gym or a sweaty run is not the same for the studio. Who wants to have to come down from a beautiful headstand because their t-shirt has wriggled down exposing their bra or be worried that their leggings are too see-through as they go into a deep forward bend? 


Learn from our experiences and past embarrassments and you’ll arrive confident, care-free and comfortable for your next class…..



When it comes to yoga bottoms, all pants and leggings are not created equal. Quality, coverage and stretch is everything.

Do wear: fitted capris or full-length opaque yoga leggings so you can see check your alignment. These choices will keep your limbs fully covered so they get - and stay - warm plus it is easier to position yourself for arm balances. Go for opaque, black or very dark bottoms in quality breathable fabrics – it’s really worth investing in a good pair

Do wear: slim-leg yoga pants or slim-fit breathable yoga pants with cuffed ankles so fabric is not flopping around as you move.


Don’t wear: running shorts, or loose shorts. Shorts can be revealing when you are bending forward, lifting your leg up in the air or going upside down - you really don’t want the distraction of being too exposed. Shorts can also annoyingly bunch up in lunges and who wants to keep pulling them back down? Shorts exception: Some yogis like to wear tiny fitted shorts for hot-yoga.

Don’t wear: loose, wide-legged and open cuffed bottoms, they just flap about and annoyingly bunch down in inversions.

Don’t wear: your favourite, faithful black leggings. Often regular leggings can turn see-through in deep forward bends, holes can easily occur in the crotch or thinning areas of fabrics and if you get hot and sweaty it will show in flattering places.



Do wear: moisture-wicking, seamless undies  

Don’t wear: cotton underwear, it breathes but doesn’t try quickly, anything too structured or lacy



Do wear: long, fitted vest and tanks because they stay put and keep you covered as you bend forwards, backwards or go upside down. Mid or dark colours are best if you have a sweaty or hot practice. 


Don’t wear: your regular favourite tees, they’ll just end up falling over your head during Down Dog and will look wet and sweaty if you get hot. Avoid low-cut, revealing, unsupported, and light-coloured tops.


Other Yoga Wear Tips 

  • Don’t wear socks (unless they are grippy yoga socks and you are practicing without mat) even if you feel cold
  • Leg warmers can be good at the beginning of class
  • Fitted long sleeve tees with thumb-hole cuffs are a good way to layer until you warm up
  • Tie your hair up out of the way – a high ballet bun style always works or a single plait down the back is great style too. High ponytails can be uncomfortable when you are laying down.

Posted on 15th June 2016

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