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Shopping Tips For Yoga Wear

Buying new yoga clothes is exciting but comes with its own unique set of challenges. Mainly because you’re not just testing for fashion or comfort you are also testing for performance, function and confidence.


For example, a draped, wide-neck tee that looks cool in an off-the-shoulder way on a website photo might dramatically gape as you dive down into a forward bend exposing your bra top and ending up covering your face.


A pair of yoga pants that look flattering and feel nice stretchy might actually be transparent without you knowing as you perform downward-dog. Or, that yoga vest that seemed comfortable enough when you tried it on, now chafes under your arms and revealingly rides up everything time you perform any kind of side twist.


Here are a few of the tests we put Calmia clothes through. Try them at home….


Comfort test: 

Lift your arms over head a few times and move your elbows by your sides as if running – these are two common chaffing points, which won’t normally bother you until half way through a workout. Also, see how your inner thighs feel as you walk about, does the fabric feel comfortable. Can you breathe freely - really inhale and exhale deeply – or do you feel restricted? This is a particularly important test for sports bras and tanks with built-in shelf bras. If you don’t feel comfortable, try a bigger size or a different style.


Stretch test: 

Reach overhead, side to side and twist around at the waist– does the tee or vest give you enough coverage or ride up and expose too much skin? Lunge forwards, backwards and side to side – do the leggings have enough stretch and support?


Read the fabric label:

If you are looking for something new to wear for a gentle, non-sweaty practice, cotton Lycra is a comfortable, soft choice. If your class or workout is more dynamic, go for a sweat-wicking, breathable synthetic fabric.


Opaque test: 

Bend over in front of a full length and look through your legs, you are checking to make sure the fabric covering your behind is not transparent (that, is no underwear, skin imperfections or labels showing through)

Posted on 16th June 2016

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