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I Am Not Very Flexible. Can I Do Yoga?

Saying you are not flexible enough to do yoga, is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath - absolute nonsense. 


Anyone can do yoga, and if you consider yourself not very flexible you are the perfect candidate to start a daily practice.


Many people mistakenly think that they need to be super bendy to begin yoga but come as you are, where you are, with an open mind and you will find that yoga will help you become more flexible in your thinking as well as in your body. If you are new to yoga and quite tight from sitting long hours at your desk, from running long distances or training hard in the gym without adequate post-workout stretching, I would recommend trying a gentle Hatha or beginner’s Iyengar class.


Now is the time to set aside your ego – do not allow your sense of pride to get in the way. Yoga is personal journey and it is important not compare how flexibility you are with the person on the mat next to yours. I strongly encourage you to use any props (blocks, bricks, straps and blankets) provided to assist your release into the pose and really try not to force yourself into a pose. It is much, much better to execute a great pose with the aid of block to reach the floor than to over-stretch and push your breath and muscles unnaturally.


Yoga is a slow, but rewarding, journey - even if you make tiny baby steps of progress in each class, you are moving in the right direction. A marathon runner doesn’t wake up one morning and start running marathons. So, it’s unrealistic to believe that you will be an advanced yogi without practice. As we’ve all often heard, slow and steady wins the race. Yoga is definitely not about tying yourself up into pretzel shapes or about winning. With patience, consistency and breathing you will probably get into that yoga pose one day, but remember, there is no rush, so long as you are breathing, you are practicing yoga.

Posted on 15th June 2016

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