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Ethical Policy

Ever since we started Calmia, we have passionately believed in being a caring and socially responsible brand and to that end we always strive to take our yoga principles beyond the mat. We endeavor to respect and give back to those countries and people who inspired our original vision through charitable contributions and we will always stay true to the real meaning of yoga, which is to yoke or to join.

As a holistic lifestyle company, dedicated to helping others improve their wellbeing, we know our customers expect us to have responsible business practices and we're committed taking a socially responsible approach to sourcing and trading. We set high standards for ourselves and those manufacturing products for us.

We build close relationships with our suppliers and work closely together with them to ensure they trade ethically and fairly. We believe this is the way business should be done. We recognize that we have a responsibility to people and the planet and look for ways to support both - see our Calmia and the Environment for more information on how we support the planet.

We work with many suppliers all over the world and having a good relationship with each of them is essential. We visit all of our suppliers and the factories that they produce our products in, so that we can be sure that they treat their workers fairly and respectfully. We spend time with them to make sure they understand and commit to our stringent codes of conduct. We use a combination of questionnaires, tests and site visits to monitor our suppliers on a regular basis. The visits are carried out by reputable third-party organisations that are experts in local law and customs, and speak the local language. During these visits we talk to the facility’s employees to find out about their working conditions and to make sure that they are being treated fairly and in accordance with our policies and all relevant employment laws.

We only work with factories that:

  • Pay their workers a fair rate for the jobs they are doing
  • Follow all legal and acceptable working hours
  • Provide working conditions of an acceptable standard
  • Do not employ under age or over age staff in any capacity
  • Have a policy in place to dispose of their waste products in a way that minimizes the effect on the environment
  • Use recycled materials in their manufacturing process wherever possible
  • Work within the law at all times

Sometimes this may mean that some of our products are more expensive than some of our competitors, but we think that this is a price worth paying, literally.

At our London Head Office, we promote and support each other in our health and wellbeing journeys and there is always space to roll out a yoga mat and do some stretches to counterbalance the negatives effects of sitting over a computer for too long. We encourage our staff to look after their own wellbeing so that they in turn can most effectively help our customers look after and improve theirs.

These are just a few things that matter to us and a few things that we do. We are well aware that there is a lot more we can do as we journey forward, but our intentions are heartfelt and strong.


The Calmia team