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The yoga kit that keeps me flowing

Maybe, you’re ready to start self-practice and need to invest in your own kit of yoga essentials? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to get your own mat for a while and or have been thinking that one of those yoga belts you’ve been using in class to achieve tricky binds would be handy. Coming home after a long day to the welcoming sight of your very own yoga mat nestling in the corner of the room, will fill you with a sense of serenity before you even begin to unroll it and the feelgood satisfaction of having your own wellness tool kit will help keep you motivated and on track for sure. So to help with you decide which products to choose, here is a list of the yoga essentials I’m relying on at the moment to support my home practice and soothe away daily stress and tension.



Flow Eternal Lotus Yoga Mat

We all have our weaknesses (trainers, handbags, eye creams …………fill the blank with yours) and mine is yoga mats. I have quite a collection as you can imagine but this mat really is in my top three. Over the last fifteen years, we’ve constantly redeveloped this mat in different colours, prints and thicknesses as well as making it eco-friendly and now I really think we’ve got it about as near as perfect as we can. It’s certainly the best version to date with its thick, grippy print and bold colour options.


Lotus Yoga Tank

The waitlist for this vest is so long, that they fly out of stock as soon as they land in the warehouse! So if you ever spot one in your size while you’re browsing our site, pop it in your shopping basket quick. Luckily, I got one for myself when they first came in for last year’s Om Yoga Show. I find the grey really flattering plus it’s a colour that works with everything from my most colourful yoga pants to my favourite boyfriend jeans. The fabric is just the softest, it washes well and most importantly, the armholes are low so I can move freely in and out of poses and the body length is nice and long so I can wiggle it down over my hips to keep me feeling covered and secure.


Eternal Lotus Yoga Strap

While your yoga studio probably has a stash of belts, it’s nice to have your own especially if you trying to establish a regular home practice. I recently had a bad fall while out running and as well as cutting and bruising both my knees the impact of the fall jolted my whole body out of balance and renched my hamstrings. This yoga strap has been the recovery tool that really helped keep my practice flowing when I felt all stiff and unaligned.


Super Grip Yoga Socks

We may be heading towards summer but I’m just a chilly person with cold extremities most of the year round. These socks really help on cold mornings and make all the difference between me having a good and a great practice. I also just wear them around the house instead of slippers for a kind of barefoot experience just with an added layer of soft warmth.


Eternal Lotus Water Bottle

I accidentally challenged our new water bottle to its shatterproof claim when I dropped it down the big flight of stairs at my gym the other morning to everyone else’s annoyance. Many noisy bounces later it arrived at the bottom of the stairs unopened, not dripping and in one piece. This bottle is great and exactly what I need to keep healthy and hydrated throughout the day – lightweight, easy- to-clean and the perfect size.


Yoga Massage Ball

Usually, my day involves a lot of running around and variety but recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time at my desk working away on my laptop. My shoulders are not appreciating this one bit so I’m using these massage balls to work out the knots and kinks. I just lay on the ball or sandwich it between me and a wall and work it up and down my spine and around shoulder blades – bliss.



Happy shopping, happy practicing

Namaste, Lucy x 

Posted on 17th May 2017

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