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My holistic rituals to make this a healthy, grounded and fulfilling year

Make this year healthier and more grounded by filling your life with mini holistic rituals rather than trying to overhaul it with resolutions


Last year, my new year’s resolution was to become a ‘swimmer’. I failed hopelessly because I never really tried to succeed in the first place.  Every time, I go swimming it’s with my children and time in the pool is spent playing sharks/mermaids or getting splashed relentlessly. There is no opportunity for lengths or technique tuning. I also hate getting wet and even more than that I hate being cold. Basically, there was no way, I was ever going to willing switch a precious yoga class for a dip in a chilly pool.


I made the resolution with good intentions (swimming is great way to workout without impact, I would be more confident in the water be able to have fun trying water sports in the summer) but swimming just wasn’t that important to me and it isn’t something that I enjoy. So after a few early January solo sessions and frustrating struggles with goggles and a swimming cap I didn’t show up, do the lengths, or achieve anything. 


Most of us make resolutions that we think we should make - give up coffee, stop drinking alcohol, learn to tango, exercise every day, drop a dress size – but if we are honest with ourselves we know that these resolutions are too extreme or out of touch with how our lives really run.


So this year, I am not setting unrealistic goals and when family and friends say they are completely giving up sugar/coffee/alcohol or becoming an expert in something– I just smile and wish them good luck. I’m going to be filling my days, weeks and months with mini holistic rituals that will enhance my health and keep me grounded rather than trying to overhaul it with hard-to-keep resolutions.



My new year rituals checklist


  • Perform sun salutations every morning


  • Eat breakfast every day


  • Walk everywhere I can


  • Call my family and friends more often


  • Try a new recipe once a week 


  • Treat myself to flowers once a month


  • Use essential oils ...  (to keep focused a work, calm at home, relaxed as I practice)


  • Start journaling


  • Meditate for five minutes every evening


  • Double-cleanse my face every night


  • Go to bed half an hour earlier


  • Make time for some quality self-care or self-improvement once a month (book a massage, go for a long, long walk, spend an hurried afternoon at the gym and use all the facilities, attend a workshop with a yoga teacher or wellness expert I have long admired)

    I'd love to hear what your new year rituals are, so please comment and share ! :) 

Posted on 05th January 2017

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