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My Favourite Yoga Mats

I’m often asked which yoga mat I use and which yoga mats I recommend. To be honest, I don’t have a forever-mat. I’m not devoted to one type and prefer to have a variety to choose from depending on what style of yoga I am practicing. In fact, my friends tease me that while most women dream of filling their cupboards with designer handbags and shoes, I fill mine with yoga mats. I love developing them, choosing the colours, designing the prints, trying them out, breaking them in and end up keeping them for years. They almost take on personalities of their own and certainly have stories to tell of those miniscule increments of progress made upon them, classes they’ve attended and places they’ve travelled.


Here you will find my reviews and thoughts about the three mats that I’m currently using – hopefully, this will give you an insight into what to look for in a mat and how to judge whether a mat is working for you. Please remember, these are just my opinions and experiences and what works for me might not be exactly the same for you and your practice….enjoy your research, Lucy x



Ultra-Grip Vinyasa Mat 

This is mat is dense, thick and firm. It protects my joints and boney bits from pressing into the floor. It’s not the cheapest of mats to invest in but it’s designed to last and is certainly standing up well to the nearly daily practice I put it through. As it is so heavy, it lays nice flat and is also great for floor-based exercises in HIIT workouts and home circuit-style training.


I don’t sweat that much even when my flow is very fast but when it does get a bit sweaty I find the perspiration absorbs quickly or I just wipe it away with a yoga towel. It’s fairly heavy (about 3kg), so I don’t carry it around to class or travel with it and use it for self-practice at home.


It is longer and wider than a regular mat being 180cm x 66cm as opposed to the standard measurements of 173cm x 61cmcm. This makes it great for vinyasas, jump throughs and if you’re on the tall side.


It comes in ever-practical, stylish black and a beautiful rose pink and a soft shade of aqua, which I have.

Ultra-Grip Vinyasa Mat £65


Eternal Lotus Eco Yoga Mat  

If you’re looking for a standard mat – not too heavy, not too thick, not too thin, not too expensive – a mat you can run around town with, sling over your back as you cycle and use for a variety of different styles of yoga as well as your workouts, this is the one.


I love that it is flat, firm and not too thick. When I practice on it, it makes me feel grounded and stable in standing poses and provides a steady base for balances. It reminds me of the very first mats I used to use when I first started yoga before yoga mats got really technical and a lot more complicated. And reassuringly, the more I use this mat, the more grippy and sticky it becomes.


It is thick enough for most of my needs but not super cushioned, so if I’m going to spend a long time in a seated forward or kneeling pose, I simply double it over.


It is also very quick and easy to clean. I just wipe it over with a cloth dipped in warm water and a little washing up liquid, then I wipe it over again with a clean wet cloth and leave to dry over an airer.


I often take this mat along to classes with me as it’s not heavy (about 1.4kg) and can easily carried around in a yoga mat sling.


I also like the fact that we’ve been making this mat for over ten years and it’s developed it’s own band of devoted followers. We’ve been refining and improving it year-on-year. Now it is made from high-grade, latex-free 6P free, PVC (which means it is made from the six most harmful phatales) and the original over print which was just a flat print to add interest has been changed to a raised, texured print for extra grip.


It comes in so many gorgeous colours, it is hard to choose from pretty coral to cool aqua and dusty heather. I have the new raspberry – delicious.

Eternal Lotus Eco Yoga Mat, £25



Yoga Retreat Travel Mat  

I am so excited that we have been able to add this mat to our collection. It’s simply the best travel mat, I have ever used and I’ve done more than my fair-share of road-testing the rest.


It has everything going for it – lightweight, foldable, great grip, eco-friendly. I use it for weekends away and holidays and it’s easy to find space for it at the bottom of your overnight bag or suitcase leaving plenty of room for all your other essentials and active wear. It weighs just under 1kg so it doesn’t eat too heavily into your baggage allowance. I also pop it in the bottom of my gym bag so I can roll it out over a borrowed studio mat and have a clean surface to practice on.


It’s made from natural rubber so the surface is really grippy – handy if you have quite a sweaty practice or if you’re off somewhere hot and lovely – l like a destination yoga retreat. Like all rubber mats, it has a faint rubbery smell when you first start using it but this soon fades away. The first time you use this mat you might notice a slight smell when you go down into child’s pose say, or you might find your palms smell a little rubbery, but I think that’s not much to worry about when you’ve got the reassurance that it’s made from natural non-Amazon sustainably harvested rubber. It’s totally biodegradable and contains no PVC or ozone depleting substances.


If you don’t require a lot of cushioning, travel often, like super grip, like to feel grounded in your practice – I recommend this mat as an ideal choice.


Yoga Retreat Travel Mat £39.00


Posted on 03rd February 2017

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