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Jayna Cavendish

Name:  Jayna Cavendish
Occupation:  Yoga Teacher
Website: www.kind-yoga.com
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What is your favourite way of being active and keeping fit?

Dancing! I love 5 rhythms, contact improvisation. Or night time sessions at the Oval Space. Fitness needs to be fun for me otherwise I wont do it – biking, swimming and short runs do it for me


What is your favourite healthy food/snack/recipe?

I always keep Organic Blue Maize Tortilla chips in the house with some good avocado hummus for the “need-to-eat-now” moments!
Having recently been given a Vitamix I am obsessed with homemade almond milk, date & Himalayan salt smoothies as well as cacao energy balls with seeds, nuts, agave and coconut oil.


Do you have any great healthy/ holistic advice you can share with us?

I feel that it is all about making space to come to ourselves. Create daily rituals for yourself that connect with your spirit or body, such as meditations, visualisation candle lit baths, walk in nature alone, being with animals, whatever works for you Spend time on your own, turn off the screens and become conscious of breath


How do you find time to fit exercise into your busy schedule?

Wellness formula is a total life saver for those times when I feel run down and turmeric tea with oat mil. And I truly believe that sleep is the best healer, work out how much sleep you need for optimal health and try to stick to it


What/Who is your fitness inspiration?

Abraham Hicks or any power of attraction stuff, it really works in raising energetic vibration and therefore health


Do you practice yoga – and if so, what benefits have you experienced?

Practising yoga daily has helped me with becoming a much calmer person, I started yoga when I was going through a period of getting sick a lot and it totally re-boosted my immune system

Most of all yoga makes me happy :) 


What is your favourite way to de stress and unwind?

Outing on calming music, lightning candles and getting on my mat for some long, soft, Yin stretch time


What has working with Calmia meant to you/ what do you love about Calmia?

It has been a pleasure to work with Calmia and meet people with a similar love for Yoga; there is an open and friendly attitude to everyone that works there. Great energy and great products


Posted on 25th January 2017

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