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Calmia Story

Calmia was born from a moment of inspiration – how can I find peace and serenity without escaping to a tropical relaxation-destination? Where can I find natural, therapeutic products that nurture inner beauty, as well as outer radiance? Who can I turn to when I want to improve my wellbeing but I don’t have much time to relax and unwind? As a health and beauty editor, I was aware that there were plenty of yoga retreats, luxury spas and high quality beauty brands, but no one company that combined the best of these worlds in a complete holistic approach to wellbeing, that was both inspirational and accessible.

Like most of my friends and colleagues, living in the city with a demanding career, I suffered from constant stress and the never-ending situation of too much to do in too little time. Deadlines, working round the clock and travelling were taking their toll and I began to feel run and down and exhausted. I realised I had to do something to regain my equilibrium beyond simply eating healthily and going to gym. So I began to explore the world of complementary healing, the benefits of massage and took up yoga and meditation. I soon began to feel more energized, patient and healthy and realised the relevance of these Eastern systems of wellbeing for people like me.

It was while travelling through the tropical paradise of Bali and the retreats of India that I had the idea of transporting the tranquillity I was experiencing back home and creating a line of therapeutic, eastern-inspired products that you could actually use in the comfort of your own home.

Inspired by my travels and research, and the benefits I had personally experienced, I wrote a wish-list of everything I needed to follow such a path: relaxation clothing for mind-body exercise, natural skincare, therapeutic bodycare, aromatic candles and incense, yoga accessories and health-enhancing teas and came up with the concept for a revolutionary holistic lifestyle brand, Calmia. In 2002, Calmia was launched offering a one-stop solution to improving wellbeing with products and rituals inspired by eastern systems of wellbeing. The name is a combination of ‘calm’ and ‘mia’ – meaning literally “to calm myself”.

My vision for Calmia is to inspire others to take control of their own wellbeing, to encourage them to make simple holistic rituals part of their everyday regime and to help them rediscover what it’s like to feel relaxed, stress-free, and simply themselves once again.

I try and balance the pace of my own life, as a working mother with three children, through my yoga practice, drinking green tea, candle-lit aromatherapy baths and meditating before bedtime to quieten my mind.


Creative Director